Are you insured?

  • Yes

Are your paints safe?

  • Yes.  In fact, we don't use paints at all.  We use professional theatrical make-up - it just gets called facepaint!
  • The glitter we use is also safe. They are cosmetic grade so not damaging to eyes.
  • Like any make-up or cosmetic products, some people will have sensitivities & could experience negative reactions such as discomfort or rashes. This is a rare occurrence but if you do have a concern that this could happen to you or your child, DO NOT get facepainted.

Do you require a deposit?

  • No, but once a booking has been made we expect our clients to honour the commitment just as we do the same.

Is facepaint easy to wash off?

  • Certain colours will be more difficult to remove than others & many children do not like getting the make-up removed but generally, it is easy to remove with soap & water.

How long does it last?

  • facepaint - until you wash it off
  • airbrush, glitter & henna tattoos usually last 3-7 days depending on skin type, care & location of the tattoo.

Will you travel to areas outside Calgary?

  • Yes. We will travel to adjacent communities such as Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere etc. As well are communities further away such as Banff & Edmonton.
  • An additional travel fee may be required.