Face painting has evolved. What started out as simple cheek art drawn on with paint "crayons", has turned into a true art form. Of course, we still face paint "cheek art" (or forehead, arm, shoulder, etc.) However, with training & precision brushes - even our cheek are can be quite spectacular!


The facepainting team at Facial Expressions are professionals. We are members of CAFABA (Canadian Association of Face & Body Artists). We also have a membership with Clowns Canada. Simply put, we spend money & time investing in our craft & tools of the trade - and it shows!

Quick Tips

Children who have never been face painted may want their arms painted instead of their faces. We find that even older kids who normally turn down face art, will be quite comfortable & pleased with a design on their arms.

On-the-job photos

These photos are of work done while "on-the-job" and represent the type of work that our artist do at real-life events when they have to paint within a limited time frame.  We are able to modify designs to make them more or less elaborate as dictated by different situations.

UV / Glow-in-the-Dark Painting

Facial Expressions uses special face paints that glow under UV or "Black" lights. It is a great addition for night club special events and even for "Jelly Bean" Dances!  You can even switch out the lightbulbs in your own home and have a "glow party" for a pre-teen birthday or for Halloween!