Henna Tattoos

Since time immemorial, women in Asia & East Africa have adorned their skins with ornamental inscriptions & decorations. Artists who practice this ancient art, known variously as Mendhi or Mehendi, draw intricate designs and patterns on skin using a dye made from the henna plant. Depending upon the dye strength, the tattoo ranges in colour from dark orange to burgundy or brown. These tattoos are not permanent but generally remain on the skin for several weeks before fading away.

Facial Expressions is so fortunate to know talented henna tattoo artists who generously share their knowledge & talent at many different types of Calgary events. Each artist has her own style but all draw upon traditional designs for inspiration. The designs may also include cartoon characters, whimsical designs & realistic images. Some of our henna artists even use cosmetic glittery gels to add temporary pizzazz to already spectacular artwork.

Quick Tip

Henna tattoos are a great fit with 60's & 70's "hippie" theme parties.