Fake Tattoos

Who Wants a Fake Tattoo?

Boys, girls, women & men of all ages like Fake Tattoos. Provide alongside our face painting or balloon twisting service so that people who don't want their faces painted can have something to enjoy when they reach the front of the line.

Parents also love fake tattoos as an alternative to facepainting when the event is in the evening. They don't have to worry about washing paint off an over-tired child who is already up past his/her bedtime.

The tattoos are waterproof so children can continue to enjoy them long after the event is over - not to mention making them perfect for pool & spray park parties!

Lots of Choices

We have hundreds of different stencil designs & sizes to choose from .  Because we use stencils for airbrush & glitter tattoos, they are virtually "wiggle-proof" - making them a great option for kids who have trouble sitting still.

Quick Tip

Tattoos can be applied at least 2 x's faster than faces can be painted - making it an ideal activity for large groups.

Types of Fake Tattoos

There are 4 types of fake tattoos:

  1. Temporary Tattoos - picture applied with water.
  2. Airbrush Tattoos - cosmetic ink applied with compressed air.
  3. Glitter Tattoos - cosmetic grade glitter applied with cosmetic glue.
  4. Henna Tattoos - stain on skin applied with natural henna paste.